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Welcome to another useful yet intriguing edition of the KG101.

In our previous issues we’ve been talking a lot about knives and we have covered almost every aspect of this special kitchen essential, but to pair a knife this time we have our hands on our favorite kitchen accessory, The Cutting Board!

Let’s delve into this essential, yet overlooked foundation of culinary art.

What we’ve got for you in this issue:

The Core of Cutting Boards: Materials Matter

When it comes to cutting boards, material makes all the difference.

Each offers unique benefits tailored to different culinary tasks and preferences.


  • The traditional choice for chefs and home cooks alike, wooden boards are durable, gentle on knives, and naturally antibacterial.

  • A more sustainable and eco-friendly option, bamboo is harder than wood but still gentle on knives. It's lightweight, easy to clean.

  • Lightweight, versatile, and dishwasher-safe, plastic cutting boards are ideal for busy kitchens. Available in various colors to prevent cross-contamination between different food types.

  • Composite Cutting Boards offer the best of both worlds - the durability and aesthetics of wood with the dishwasher-safe convenience of plastic.

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Whether you're dicing vegetables, carving meats, or slicing fresh bread, the right cutting board can enhance your cooking experience, protect your countertops, and even extend the life of your knives.

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The Marvel of Multipurpose Boards

Innovations in cutting board design have led to multipurpose boards that go beyond mere cutting.

Features like juice grooves, built-in containers, and reversible sides for different food types enhance functionality and convenience.

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Caring for Your Cutting Board

No matter the material, proper care is key to extending the life of your cutting board and maintaining its hygiene.

  • Cleaning: Wood and bamboo boards should be washed by hand with warm, soapy water. Plastic and composite boards are often dishwasher safe.

  • Disinfecting: A simple solution of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect your board after use, especially after cutting meat.

  • Maintenance: Wooden and bamboo boards benefit from regular oiling with a food-grade mineral oil to prevent drying and cracking.


Do you have a favorite cutting board or a tip for keeping them in tip-top shape? Share your stories and tips with us!

Thank you for joining us on this deep dive into the world of cutting boards.

A good cutting board is not just a surface; it's the foundation of your culinary creations.

Until next time, keep chopping, slicing, and dicing with joy and precision!

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